Workshop and Special Session
at the crossroads of
Algebra, Geometry, and Topology


Workshop at Northeastern University
Boston, Massachusetts
September 23, 2016


Special Session at the AMS 2016 Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting
Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME
September 24-25, 2016

Organizers: Ivan Martino and Alex Suciu.

This workshop and this session aim to bring together researchers with diverse expertise in the fields listed in the title, in the lovely setting of a quaint New England town at the outset of the Fall Foliage season.

Invited Speakers:

Nancy Abdallah (Linköping University)
Karim Adiprasito (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Bruno Benedetti (Univerisity of Miami)
Anders Björner (Kungliga Tekniska högskolan)
Pavle Blagojevic (Freie Universität Berlin)
Emanuele Delucchi (Université de Fribourg)
Florian Frick (Cornell University)
Nir Gadish (University of Chicago)
Caroline Klivans (Brown University)
Tyler Kloefkorn (University of Arizona)

Isabella Novik (University of Washington)
José Samper (University of Washington)
Simona Settepanella (Hokkaido University)
Pablo Soberon (Northeastern University)
Michele Torielli (Hokkaido University)
Juliana Tymoczenko (Smith College)
Ric Wade (Univeristy of British Columbia)
Max Wakefield (United States Naval Academy)
Chen He (Northeastern University)

Friday, September 23 - 511 Lake Hall, Northeastern University, Boston

09:30 Wecolme, coffee and refreshments! (This will be in the lounge of the mathematics department - room 553 Lake Hall. Fifth floor.)
10:00 Caroline Klivans, The Partitionability Conjecture
10:45 Coffee and refreshments
11:15 Bruno Benedetti, Optimal discrete Morse vectors are not unique

12:00 LUNCH

14:00 Emanuele Delucchi, Toric arrangements and group actions on semimatroids
15:00 Pavle Blagojevic, Local multiplicity of continuous maps between manifolds

17:00: Train from Boston (North Station Maine Service) to Brunswick

Saturday, September 23 - AMS 2016 Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting, Bowdoin College, Brunswick

Have a look at the schedule here.

Sunday, September 23 - AMS 2016 Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting, Bowdoin College, Brunswick

Have a look at the schedule here.

How to get there:
The best way is to fly to Logan International Airport (BOSTON). This is well connected to the city by public transportation.

On the afternoon of Friday September 23, we will travel together from Boston to Brunswick.
If you are on your own, here there are few suggestions:

By train.
1)Go to the website
2)Type as starting station: Boston - North Station Maine Service, MA (BON)
3)Type as destination: Brunswick, ME (BRK)
4)Fill the rest following your travel needs.

By car.
Provided you have a driving license and assuming you are able to drive with automatic transmission you can drive from Boston to Brunswick. Google says it is a 2 hours 15 minutes trip.
US driving license - of course - is good. But we are not 100% sure whether other licenses are enough, one needs to check, eg, with a car rental company.